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What is provides cash loans for consumers who need to obtain quick cash. We are among the country’s top sources for providing borrowers with access to the right cash lenders. We partner up our clients with qualified cash lenders suited to their financial needs through a quick and easy online application. The approval rate is 92% with as many as 4000 cash loans every day.

Why You Should Choose not only provides you with an in depth and easy online application to pair you with the correct lender for you, but also allows you to compare several cash loan providers against one another to make sure that you are getting the best deal on your short term loan. Buy with confidence when you use – we charge nothing for our service and provide you with the best short term loan deals for your individual circumstances.

What Makes You Eligible?

If you are in regular employment then you will be eligible for a short term loan through Even if you are unemployed and receiving benefits there is still the possibility that you will be able to obtain a short term loan – though you will need to make your lender aware of this during your application. You’ll even be pleased to know that you will still be eligible for a short term loan if you have a poor or no credit rating whatsoever. Due to these loans being provided over small periods of time, many companies actually won’t take your credit score into account when you apply for a loan. Of course, you will have to check this with the individual company where you apply for your loan; however the possibility is still there.

The Cost of a Loan

Commonly short term loans aren’t actually as expensive as most people are led to believe. Typically priced at just a 25% interest rate if you are borrowing over a 28 day period, short term loans are actually quite cheap. Using them sparingly for short term financial help is the best way to keep your borrowing costs down and stopping yourself from getting into any financial trouble. It is only when you begin to use short term loans for long term financial gain that you will get into difficulties. If you are having problems with your debt then urge you to seek professional financial assistance.

Cash Loan Scams

Have you ever received a phone call from someone who claimed to be collecting a cash loan? If you have, be careful – it may have been an attempted scam to steal your money. These scam artists have no caller ID and they make multiple calls, leaving messages as representatives of cash loan companies and threatening to take legal action if their money is not returned.

Always remember to carry out a quick Google search for online reviews when using a short term loan provider that you have not heard of before. The online community is one of the most effective methods of finding out if a site is a scam or not as these illegal sites are often discovered and reported quite quickly. Doing your homework before making your decision about which lender to go with could save you a lot of stress and money in the future.

Please note that cash advances and payday loans are intended as a short-term measure to help cover urgent financial needs. They are not intended as an ongoing solution to long-term credit problems. Customers experiencing protracted financial difficulties should consult a professional credit counselor for a permanent solution.

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The loan matching service offered by this website connects customers with prospective lenders enrolled in our network of lenders. This site will submit your information to participating lenders, which may offer loans of up to $500+ dependent on the financial laws, regulations and limitations of each state. Please note that not all lenders can or will offer a loan of $500+.

Loan payment times may vary from lender to lender. Some lenders may require additional information be provided by fax. Some lenders will not perform credit checks with Trans Union, Equifax or Experian, though credit or other background checks may be obtained from alternate providers. The operators of this website have no involvement with credit reports or background checks of customers.

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